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Australian government resources

Emergency and community support

Contact The Financial Counsellors Association of Western Australia for free independent financial counselling on 1800 889 364 (free call) or (+61 8) 9325 1617.

Other support available:

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There are several ways in which students can access financial assistance for income support.

Centrelink Assistance

Centrelink is the Australian Government Agency responsible for the payment of assistance benefits on behalf of a range of government departments. We have provided some advice on dealing with Centrelink.

There are a range of financial assistance payments available to students by way of income-tested schemes which include:

These allowances are usually paid fortnightly during the period of eligibility.

Are you or will you be studying a post graduate degree? The Department of Social Services has deemed more masters degrees to be eligible for HECS HELP.  Please see page 23 of the Student Assistance document.

As well as income support, Centrelink can also provide:

Students receiving Youth Allowance, Austudy, ABSTUDY, ABSTUDY or Pensioner Education Supplement with an Android device or iPhone may be able to make use of Centrelink's Express Plus mobile apps. There are also apps for Medicare and Child Support.

The Guild Student Assist office can help with enquiries or issues relating to Centrelink payments. Contact them for an appointment. 


Some students may be able to access one of the many scholarships offered at UWA.

Scholarships are available through the University for undergraduate and postgraduate study, as well as other study options.

Details of University scholarships, prizes and awards for undergraduate students are also available from departmental offices, faculty offices and the Future Students Office.

Some scholarship funds are treated as income by Centrelink. If you are in receipt of Centrelink benefits, it is important to advise Centrelink of any scholarship payments you may be awarded. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of your Centrelink benefits and/or penalties being applied by Centrelink.

Study Support Fund

The UWA Study Support Fund provides assistance to students, who because of financial restraints might not otherwise participate in higher education. Applications will be provided on an individual need’s merit basis with the purpose of providing once-off financial assistance.

Applications are considered individually to ensure that those most in need receive help. Applications will be received through the UWA, Manager Student Welfare with referral to the Study Support Review Group for consideration. Applications are considered individually as a single once-off approval with eligibility determined on evidence of financial and other circumstances.

Support is available to both full and part-time eligible students (as defined below). Assistance will not usually be considered for support during non-teaching weeks or vacation periods, except in emergencies.

Types of Assistance

  • Grants of between $500 and $1500 are available to eligible students who meet all necessary requirements.
  • Grants shall be assessed based on particular areas of need and are expected to be used for legitimate purposes associated with academic study at UWA. Eligible costs may include, but shall not be limited to, the cost of purchase of books, materials and equipment essential to study programs, as well as a range of other costs such as accommodation and transport.

Note: Any amount granted shall be determined through referral to the Study Support Review Group and will not always be the maximum amount. Each application is considered individually with the grant being considered as a once-off approval.


  • Demonstration of financial hardship required including evidence of income/expenditure and personal statement.
  • An applicant must be enrolled at the University or have accepted an offer to study a UWA course with a minimum of 12 credit points per semester. Exceptions to the minimum enrolment load may be permitted where exceptional circumstances are demonstrated.
  • Single application with once-off allocation.

Payments & Allocations

  • Allocations are normally granted as an amount for the whole academic year with a single approval limitation
  • All grants are dependent on continued availability of funds and may be revised at any time.

How to apply

All applicants are required to complete the following application form:

This form is also available via UWA Student Welfare who can be contacted via telephone on 6488 2424.

You should submit any relevant supporting evidence with your application, including: 

  • your most recent statement/s for ALL of your bank accounts (including credit cards & loans) covering the last 90 days (including your partner/spouse if you have one)
  • your last Tax Assessment Notice
  • your Income Statement if in receipt of Centrelink assistance
  • any additional documentation that you feel will support your application.

You may apply for only one grant per 12 month period. Applications submission is restricted to standard teaching periods. The grant is limited to a single approval process for the term of enrolment.

Note: Grants are only accessible whilst funds are available.

Appeals for All Schemes

Applicants refused support have the right of appeal. An appeal is required to be made in writing, within 10 days of the decision, to the Study Support Review Group attention Associate Director, Service and Engagement, Student Services.

Wherever possible, appeals will be heard within 10 working days of receipt of the appeal. Decisions will be confirmed in writing within 3 working days. The Appeals Group’s decision is final.

Data Collection and Reporting

The information collected on the application form for Study Support Fund grants will remain confidential.  Any information collected will be used solely for the purpose of assessing applications and evaluating the success of the fund.

Please contact the Manager, Student Welfare for further information about this and other financial support.

This information is for guidance only and is based on Fund criteria and is therefore subject to change without notice, Whilst every effort is made to ensure students are not inconvenienced or disadvantaged, changes may occur which are beyond the University’s control.