Financial aid

Travel assistance

Some assistance with travel costs is available to eligible students. 

Student subsidised travel

Support with the cost of up to four return trips between University and home may be available through the Western Australian Government's Student Subsidised Travel Scheme,  if you live in a Defined Remote Area. Find out how to how to apply.

Fares allowance

A fares allowance may be available to students receiving Youth Allowance, Austudy or ABSTUDY if:

  • you are considered dependent and receiving the ‘away from home rate’; or
  • you are considered independent, are partnered and live away from your partner for study purposes; or
  • you are a single parent live away from your dependent children for study purposes.

Details and information on how to apply are available at Centrelink.

The above information was extracted from the Centrelink and Department of Transport (formerly the Department of Planning and Infrastructure) websites.